Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Always being a Mother

My son called today from New York City. I was wondering if he made it down there with all the ice, luckily he had taken a train so he made it there safe and sound. Some of you know that my son is a practicing Magician he is quite well known in these parts but is just starting to spread out of our county. He is attending a convention today and will be returning sometime tomorrow. He called to ask if I wanted anything, what a sweetie. I told him if something said mommy all over it (something that screams my name) then pick me up something. I told him to be careful, guard his money, and call me when he gets home. He said yes mom to all of the above, and our conversation was over. I have to tell you I am a country girl through and through and just the thought of him in the Big Apple is more then I can handle, but also know that my son needs to spread his wings if he is ever going to make it in the entertainment business.

A mother who cares and loves her children never stops wondering if her children are warm, fed, happy, sheltered, or safe. I am sure I could ramble off a never ending list to fill a whole page and still not be done, with what a mother does for her children. My Mother did teach me that you have to prepare them for the real world that they will have to live in someday, and in doing that they will be prepared to face what ever life gives them, be it good or bad, and still have a smile on their face at the end of the day, knowing that they had the knowledge to do it on their own. We as mothers will not always be here to pick up the pieces for our children but we can leave behind the knowledge we have to them so that they have all the building blocks to put it together with their own little twist on it.

As a child I asked my mother, "mommy will you always be here for me" . She answered Pam I will always be in your heart but someday I will have to leave this earth and until then it is my job to make sure that I leave you with the smarts to take care of yourself one day without my help. Believe me some days are really rough with out her, but when I take a minute to think about her I am almost always ready to go on with life, with renewed strength. With the things I am not sure about I pull from the knowledge she left me and wing it from there, putting my own little twist on things. I know I have made and will make mistakes but who doesn't. No one is perfect, not one.

In leaving you today I leave you with the knowledge that what you do today to prepare your children for tomorrow will make a big difference on how they see the world, treat people, respond to trials and tribulations, and survive the unthinkable. As a parent what you instill in your child is not full proof. I have seen really good kids come from really bad parents, demented grown ups come from well to do I did everything perfect parents, along with really smart people from some who didn't know if they were coming or going, so don't take it personally when your child acts in a way that you know had nothing to do with how you raised them. It takes you raising them, then they have to make choices with what you gave them, put it with what they want to do, making a whole new person who thinks, acts, and moves through the world with their own little twist on life.

Leaving you today with always being a Mother in Marksville.

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