Friday, March 29, 2013

Feeling Accomplished

I feel so accomplished today. I was able to get our shopping done, Easter supplies bought, Easter Dinner thought out, the pantry reorganized, refrigerator cleaned out, floors mopped, laundry and dishes done, on top of cleaning out a few other places around the house, all with my back not quite up to par. It feels like my arthritis today and from hearing some other people in our area theirs has been flaring up as well. I guess Spring is on its way.

The kids start their Spring Vacation tomorrow which means egg decorating for us. Dennis and I are really impressed with a new way to decorate eggs this year and actually both started talking about it at the same time this evening. I guess great minds think alike.

Saturday we have the community Easter Egg Hunt which the kids enjoy, and after we have pictures with the Easter bunny. We also put a little money into the raffles for baskets we would like to win. Right after I have to drop Dennise off at Practice for the Musical, and then home for a while to fold clothes, and work on the baskets on the porch that I have yet to go through.

During vacation week the kids and I will continue on working on getting their rooms done upstairs, and putting things away. It is so nice to see their rooms coming together. It has been a long time since there has been order in their rooms, without me doing it all pretty much myself. I am so thankful for the medicine and all it has done for me so far with my Fibromyalgia.

I guess I should change out the laundry and get Dennis his snack before heading to bed myself. We have an early family appointment in the morning, and a full day of activities ahead, as well as having Lilly for the day.

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