Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter is almost here.

Yesterday's post says Friday but it was actually for Thursdays date, must have gotten it published after midnight. So I will combine the real Friday news with todays news, somehow I am just a day behind but that is ok. 

I woke up yesterday and my back pain was gone. I am so glad because I had a lot to get done. We had a family meeting in the morning, and we made plans to go and see Bryan the day after vacation for a family session and of course to celebrate his Birthday. He knows that he will be in a new room when he comes home, and that decorating it is part of his Birthday present. I was able to get some ideas on the phone last night on what he would like. I can totally work with what he gave me, now to the planning board to get it done for him.

Dennise ended up taking Dorothy and Deanna up to the park since it was so nice outside, and while they were out Dennis and I took advantage of the time and went to see "The Host" which was really good. They could have made it a bit shorter and cut about a half hour off or they could have made it longer and made it into a miniseries. It was a movie that could really go either way. I enjoyed it though.

When we got home we had pizza with the kids, and then decorated our Easter eggs. We went with marbleizing them this year which turned out quite well. You can see them over at What Marksville does for Fun.

We all went off to bed around the same time and awoke early this morning to get ready for the Easter egg hunt that our community puts on. Samantha and Lilly made it just in time. Lilly found a Golden egg this year, but did not want to sit on the Bunny's lap. The girls had their pictures with the Bunny and then we waited for the raffle numbers to be called. We didn't win but we had a good time together.

My girls from left to right.
Samantha, my grand daughter Lilly, Dorothy, Deanna, and Dennise.
I dropped Dennise off at play practice and have to pick her up in a few hours, other then that today will be a laid back day, except for doing dishes, and folding clothes.

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