Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thinking back over the years.

Today was a quite day here which was nice as we have been so busy lately, and much needed before the busy week a head. Only a few short weeks and Samantha will be graduating and then starting her summer job, before she goes off to college. Time sure flies by.

Speaking of time flying by I just saw a picture online of a grown man, who I used to babysit for when he was a baby. I used to change his diapers. It is funny because that family was my first paying job to do baby sitting for and I really enjoyed helping them out with their kids. Before this I helped watch my brother's kids when they went out for a bit, but I don't ever remember being paid to do it.

I have always enjoyed watching kids, so I suppose it was only natural that I open my own child care once I got older. Back when Dennise was born I started working for several people and found out for years I was watching way to many kids then our state allowed you to do. Sure I was lucky and didn't have any problems but I am thankful to God for that one. It didn't take long to settle on a name for our business "Marks Child Care". What is harder to believe is that is has been over 15 years that I have had my business with a few years off when Deanna was born due to me working outside of the home.

Now that we are settled I have been open officially for almost a year, and I really enjoy it. I love it now that some of the kids are grown that they still remember me and have no problem coming up hugging me, or asking how I am doing and if I am still watching little ones. I do have to say though that I did turn down the church in helping out with the little ones because all of my other days including church days in the past I was looking after kids and it was my few hours away from takaing care of children, giving me a break and time to praise the Lord, without someone under foot.

I am just ever thankful that I am able to be a positive role model for the children I have helped raise over the years and that I made such an impression on their little lives that they still take the time to stop chat and of course give hugs. This really shows to me that I did my job well. Getting a child care worker that will treat your chidlren like there own is so important to their well being, and a parents sanity, that their kids are safe and well taken care of.

We have had kids that have had no father figure in their life really become attached to Dennis, as well as kids that did many of their firsts with us. Going to the store, going out to eat, movie theaters, museums, the many activities I came up with to keep their days busy and full of excitement, the lessons they learned that my parents passed down to me, as well as being a part of our family for holidays when their parent or parents had to work, and even some calling my parents grandma and grandpa because they were such a big part of their life.

I guess if there is one thing I can be thankful for is a loving heart that I can share with everyone including the little ones, and seeing them grow up and making good choices in their adulthood really makes me feel proud that I too was a part of their lives no matter how small or big a part I played in it. So to all of the little children who were apart of "Marks Child Care" or even before we had a name, we are proud of all of your accomplishments.

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