Saturday, June 30, 2012

A quite Saturday.

Today was a quiet summer day. Dennis worked this morning, the kids slept in. I got the laundry done, some folded, dishes washed, kitchen clean, dinner prepared, you know the regular mom things. I also got a few blogs up over on one of my other pages here, before Dennis got home. He was up for a little bit before he headed off to bed because he has another shift tonight. The girls went swimming, we had dinner, did baths, and soon enough it was time for Dennis to get up for work.

Samantha is also working tonight as well, her first week of work and she scored some overtime which she will be using to get a jogging stroller so she can run with Lilly more often. Her regular stroller just can't handle it, and the new stroller will be so much better for hiking, which we use to do when Deanna and Dorothy were little. Those strollers are great for all kinds of terrain.

Once Dennis was up we did our snuggles and stories as well as Deanna's reading time. I am bound and determined that she will go back to school in the fall reading better then when she left for the summer. I am sure summer school will also help with that, but so far she is doing well, and even looks forward to our reading time. It is just Deanna and Mommy time, so she loves it. Last night because we went shopping so late, we didn't get to it and she came in to the room and said "Mommy when are we going to read again?", I told her we would do it today which we did, so I am very proud of her. Usually when you say it is reading time she doesn't want anything to do with it but with taking the time and setting a time where it is just her and I really turned things around instead of doing all of their homework at the same time like we have in the past.

We have always spent one on one time with each of the kids, as well as taking sets, all of them, and even alone time just for Dennis and I, but this little bit of extra time has really made al of the difference in the world. I am so proud of her accomplishments already and we still have the rest of the summer to go.

I have started Dorothy reading just the letters while we are reading. It is coming slow, I don't know what they did all year in Head Start but she doesn't know her letters as strongly as I think she should but then again the rest of the kids were 5 when they started kindergarten, not 4 like she will be in the fall.

The girls and I all started a weight loss challenge with Run with Jess which we are doing pretty good at but then again it is only 2 weeks into the 13 weeks of the program but have that blog over at Pam's fight to lose weight if you would like to take a look.

Ok time for me to watch a little Fringe before turning in for the night, unless I get my second wind then maybe I will poke around the internet a bit or read. Hope you are all having a great summer so far.

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