Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Prayers for Lilly

A few weeks ago my grand daughter Lilly went to the Dr.'s or should I say she went again. She actually had gone a few months before and they thought she might have a sinus infection, then they thought allergies. Nothing was working and finally they sent her to a specialist because she had something stuck up inside her nose. It was a ball of some sort of fiber the size of a large jelly bean. Long story short the horrible smell that had been coming from her mouth disappeared right away when they removed it.

Lilly's tonsils were pretty swollen then but they all had agreed it was probably from her nose being clogged for so long so they said they would just watch it. They put her on antibiotics for it last week, but with today's appointment they agreed that the swelling was not going down. So they are going to take both her tonsils and adenoids

My daughter Samantha will be taking Lilly to the specialist to see when everything will be happening. She was told if Lilly goes one whole day without eating and drinking they are to go straight to the hospital. She is having a hard time breathing and her snoring is through the roof.

We went out to do shopping today and she did eat a little for Papa so that made Samantha and me feel much better. Just keep her in your prayers and I will update as soon as I get more information. Thank you in advance.

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