Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back on my feet again.

Almost a month has gone by and there has been so much that has happened. I guess I will start with first and foremost, then work from there.

I have been battling severe pain under my ribs on the right side in on my back for over 4 weeks. I tried heat, resting, and working through it. Nothing worked and it was getting worse so yesterday I broke down and went to the Dr.

Thankfully it is not my kidneys which already have damage from when I was younger, but I do have a big knot near my spine in the back that will not loosen and has been causing all of the pain. My Dr. ordered muscle relaxers and said if after a week I am not showing improvement then I will start physical therapy. So as I am writing this I have a heating pad on my back and trying to take it easy.

I took the muscle relaxers yesterday afternoon and they made me really drowsy, then another before I went to bed. I know I made it into bed but other then that I must have been out really fast because the next thing I know the kids were getting ready for school and arguing about something to do with shoes. I fell back to sleep and the next time I looked up it was 9:41 and 10:10 before I was up and out of bed.

So here I am trying to catch up on everything with my blogs that I was doing minimal work on for the last month, and we won't even go into how backed up my email is. I am just thankful that I am still alive and well, being able to be here for my family. God is good.

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